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Enterprise flash website has the characteristics of exquisite design, more sound effect, animation, streaming media editing, art effect and interaction. It is very suitable for the company to display online products. Flash website is mainly based on graphics and animation, so it is more suitable for those applications with less text content, mainly plane and animation effect. Such as: corporate brand promotion, specific online advertising, online games, personalized websites, etc. Making a full flash website is similar to making an HTML website. You should first draw a structure diagram on paper, including the theme of the website, what elements should be used, which elements need to be reused, the relationship between elements, how the elements move, what style of music is used, how the whole website can be divided into several logical blocks, how are the links between each logical block, and whether you play or not If you use flash to build the whole site or only use it as the early part of the website, it should be considered. There are various effects to achieve full flash website, but the basic principle is the same: take the main scene as a "stage", which provides standard length width ratio and the whole layout structure, "actor" is the specific content of the website sub column, and more sub columns may be derived according to the content structure of the sub column. As the "stage" basis, the main scene basically keeps its own content unchanged, and the sub class and sub class content of other "actor" status are imported into the main scene as required.

Website construction has experienced from pure manual site building, fool site building to intelligent site building with rich functions, which has solved the needs of a large number of enterprises' initial website construction.

With the rapid development of website construction technology, users have higher and higher requirements for website personalization. Users in different industries have more and more differences in website function, column content and website design style. Customized website is from demand communication to scheme planning; from design to website production, from repeated modification to website test, not only the website service provider has to bear high burden Service costs, these will be transferred to the station building enterprises.

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