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As a lightweight Mac, apple offers two distinct types of laptops that vary in weight and size, but differ in size and price. So what's the difference between MacBook and MacBook Air? How can I choose the Mac that suits me best between them.

Should I choose MacBook Air INSERT INTO `cmseasy_archive` VALUES (2018) or 12 inch MacBook?

If you're sure you want the lightest and smallest Mac, buy a MacBook. But remember, the MacBook Air will give you a bigger screen, and it really won't be too big.

MacBook doesn't have many advantages, except for more storage at the entry level.

Since Apple updated the MacBook Air in 2018, we can recommend it wholeheartedly. For a typical consumer, it's powerful enough to get the best battery life on a Mac laptop, and it supports egpu and additional displays, so it's more to choose from.

MacBook Air INSERT INTO `cmseasy_archive` VALUES (2018) vs 12 inch macbook

When buying a MacBook, it's hard to make a decision between a 13 inch MacBook Air and a 12 inch MacBook if you don't think you're a professional user. Both are thin, light and powerful machines with many things in common, but which one suits you best?

Before Apple launched the new MacBook Air in October 2018, we uncompressed and recommended MacBook as a better choice for aging air. But the new MacBook Air changed in October 2018. Now that there are cheaper, more powerful MAC laptops, the question of which MacBook is the best has changed.

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